Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

I was surfing Facebook the other day, and an ad from buyright caught my attention, and naturally I clicked on it to get more information on the product which was being advertised since of course I was interested. And this happened to be an inverter by the way. Upon clicking the ad I was taken straight to their homepage. What’s wrong with this? Everything.

The ad was talking about an inverter product, so I expected to land on a page giving me more information specifically on that product, but instead they made the landing page their homepage with lots of other products scrambling for my attention which I have no interest in whatsoever. If they were to be building their brand online as a leading Nigerian online IT store with an ad that says that, then I’d understand the landing page being their homepage. But the ad clearly talked about a specific product, it’s advantages and where to get it. And so naturally I should be taken to a specially designed page for that product.

I was pretty annoyed and frustrated that I wasn’t taken straight to a page where I would immediately get more information on that said product. And this is the same page where they’d actually get to convert me into a customer assuming the basic landing page factors were already put in place like good copy-writing, and a strong call to action. Imagine other numerous prospective customers going through the same scenario.

Here’s a little advice for businesses trying to advertise their products and services on Facebook or any other online medium:

Create a specific landing page for every product you wish to advertise, unless you’re just trying to create online brand awareness. In that case you advertise different products but all lead to your home page. This is if you’re not keen on making a sale, just to let people know that you’re the leader in your space. So in which case they know where to go to when they need such product.

I’ve also noticed that an ad asking a question tends to get the most click. But you’d have to create a sandwich page before a formal landing page. The sandwich page serves to answer the question being asked on the ad without trying to sell anything to them, and at the end there’s a call to action to the product landing page. This has worked pretty well for some of our campaigns. The key here is to be creative and test, that’s one of the beauties about marketing online. You’re allowed a great deal of flexibility.

Test Test Test
Don’t forget to test. Test different images, different ads, track and see which is bringing you more visitors.

Track, analyze, and improve.

With this you’re able to know what people do on your page, their actions and every other data that you’d need to fine tune your campaign. Facebook provides you with basic reporting, but you’d need more than just ad and click impression reports. For this I’d recommend outbound tracking with Google analytics. How to integrate your Facebook ad tracking with Google analytics is a post for another day.

Final thought
Landing pages are a must if you’re doing online advertising. Of course your home page or service page could be used for this purpose, but that depends on the goal of your campaign. What are you trying to achieve – sale, brand awareness, lead generation?

One last thing you should know is that People on Facebook are not specifically looking to buy something. You have to see this from a user’s standpoint to understand it. They are there to view their friends’ photos, share gossip stories, and of course chat with friends. So trying to distract them with a “buy this, buy that” ad is just plain annoying, and will do nothing to help you. You should be trying to engage them instead.

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