CRO Lessons From Neil

Neil Patel of shares how he spent a whopping $252, 000 hiring three firms to help improve the conversion rate of his company’s website. Here’s what he has to say.

This is a must read if you’re contemplating a conversion rate optimization for your business.

But here are the key lessons from his post:

1. Gather qualitative and quantitative data before you start testing.
2. Do A/A tests before you do A/B tests.
3. Don’t expect increases on a monthly basis.
4. Multivariate doesn’t always… It didn’t work for him.
5. Don’t optimize for conversions, always shoot for revenue.
6. Focus on the big picture.
7. Drastic changes = drastic results.
8. Don’t forget to optimize your backend for conversions.
9. Consultants aren’t miracle workers, they need direction… more like they need company buy-in.
10. Just because you had huge wins, doesn’t mean you will see large revenue increases.

Have you implemented a conversion rate optimization previously for your company or considering one? Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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